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Ghislaine Ingman BSc (Hons) Lic.Ac

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Ghislaine Ingman


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Roundstone Surgery

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Warminster Osteopathic Clinic

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Licensed Acupunturist

COVID-19 Update Continued


  • You will be asked to wash your hands for 20 seconds on entering the clinic room


  • On your first visit you will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment. This requires your consent for me, Ghislaine (the practitioner) to approach you at a non-social distance in order to provide treatment.


  • If you would like to pay by cash, then please bring it in an envelope. Otherwise a bank transfer is preferable. I will give the bank details for this. I no longer accept cheques.


  • Should you develop any symptoms of Covid 19 within 48 hours following your treatment it is very important that you inform me as I will need to stop practising and self-isolate. It would then be necessary for you to be tested so that we can be sure of the problem. Equally if I develop symptoms of Covid 19 within 48 hours of your appointment, then I will be obligated to provide your name and contact details to NHS Test and Trace.


Notes on wearing a face covering…

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 secs (or use hand sanitiser) before putting a face covering on and before and after removing it.

  • When wearing a face covering avoid touching your face or face covering as you could contaminate them with germs from the hands.

  • Change your face covering if it becomes damp or if you’ve touched it.

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